True friendship starts but no ends

“Life starts with voice,but ends with silence”,
“love start with fear but ends with tears”,
“true frindship starts any where & ends no where”

Keep the smile

Keep the smile; Leave the tear; Think of Joy; forget the fear.Hold the laugh leave the pain; Be joyous; because its new year. Happy New Year.

Fear not when the dark

Fear not when the dark ☁clouds gather and the thunder? rumbles in between flashes of lightning⚡ Some lessons? can only be learnt in a storm? ?Suprabhatam & a Blessed ?day to You & Your Family on this Glowing Guruvaar????????

At age 3 we started studies

At age 3 we started studies with tears and at 23 we finish studies with tears. 1st tear were because of fear and 2nd would be fear of missing dears.

Friendship remains forever

Life starts INTENSE but ends with SILENCE. Love starts with FEAR But ends with TEARS and Friendship starts HOWEVER will always remain FOREVER.

You are sweeter than honey

You are sweeter than honey; purer than milk; softer than flower; since I have you as my lover; come to me near; i will kiss your lips without fear. You will say; having you is treasure; be with me forever.

Power does not corrupt

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts. Perhaps the fear of a loss of power. By John Steinbeck