Monster Pet

Adopt your very own monster! This virtual pet game is fun for all ages. Take care of your new monster friend, feed it, wash it and treat it when it gets sick. Earn coins by playing cool mini games and buy cute outfits and many other items in the shop. Don’t forget that monsters need sleep as well and make your little buddy happy!

Like Monsters 🙂

How to feed Animals

How to feed Animals

Play the Game to solve the Animals feeding in each level. Swipe on the animal to feed it, Each level is won by feeding all the animals while last one will be left. The Game has 40 levels to play.

My Valentine I really need you!

If I were a key; I would lock you; If lightning; I would shock you; If pier I would dock you; If I band I would rock you. If spoon; I would feed you; If house; I would deed you; On this Valentines Day; I must plead you; My Valentine; I really need you!

Two bulls always fight

Two bulls always fight in a persons mind; i.e. good and bad. Do you know which one wins? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The one you feed the most.