Beauty. Freshness. Dreams.

Beauty. Freshness. Dreams. Truth. Imagination. Feeling. Faith. Trust. This is beginning of a New Year! Happy New Year!

Love is not the feeling

Love is not the feeling you can express on any person who looks good; the true love is the feeling which is very hard to express whom you love truly.

Love is a unique feeling

Love is a unique feeling which makes a human very happy as a new birth and some times even very sad which leads to death.

Love feeling and heart

Love is a soft feeling of heart; but its very hard to feel; and when it feels; its too hard to drop. Bcoz true love happens once in life.

Never wish to find a

Never wish to find a perfect man; simple man with true love can give the feeling beyond the word perfection.

Beautiful Feeling

Which is the Most Beautiful Feeling in the World? When you try to look at your Friend and you find that your Friend is already Looking at you. and that too its in Exam Hall.