Husband calls to wife after fight

Husband: Hi my Love. I Was missing you; so I called How are you darling? Wife: Oh. What about big fight we had five minutes ago? You are not angry? Husband: Oh God I dialled home again!

There are many brave people

There are many brave people who always want to fight and be adventurous. Some choose ARMY and others get MARRIED.

Best Relationship is

Best Relationship is which yesterdays fight do not stop today’s communication.

Celebrate Republic Day fighting against corruption

India leads in corruption; And rich make all proliferation; We reach upto great height; Where the innocents have to fight; The sensible are made ash; While the devilz play with cash. Lets get unite and fight against then celebrate Republic Day.

Cute fight is also one

Cute fight is also one of the form of Deep Love and Affection So Keep a Little Fight With Your Beloved One.

Today we come together

Today we come together; Be the cause for the unity; Make it Beautiful day another. Fight against corruption; Spurl the flag of on The NATION. Happy Independence Day!

Raksha bandhan sms for loving sis

I wanna tell you the fight which we had earlier was my pretty way to express love. Today on this day I wanna wish you a very happy Raksha bandhan. Love you sis.