Birth Calculation with Result 9 are the Performers

Result with 9 are the performers. They are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous; giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm; they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons; ever changing and blending in. They have tremendous luck; but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful; they need to build a loving foundation. Few Famous Persons with 9’s: Albert Schweitzer; Shirley MacLaine; Harrison Ford; Jimmy Carter; Elvis Presley; Rowan Atkinson:Mr Bean!

Memories of moments celebrated together

Memories of moments celebrated together; Moments that have been attached in my heart; forever; Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi. Hope this Ugadi brings in Good Fortune and Abounding Happiness for you! HAPPY Ugadi.

loads of good fortune

Years come n go, but this year I especially wish 4 u a double dose of health and happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a great year ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!