The word QUEUE

The word QUEUE is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way when the last four letters are removed. the Q!

The Thumb

The Thumb

The Thumb represents the element Fire. The Thumb is the only finger with which we can touch other finger tips easily. It is like a companion to other four fingers.

Joke for Electronic students

An ACP Went to Shop and Bought FOUR Diode for His Son. Soon He Became a DCP How? Think! Because; Four Diode acts as a RECTIFIER; Which Converts AC To DC.

Customer care is far better than you

Customer care is far better than you! You know they daily send me at least FOUR Messages; and two calls; and you not a Single Message; or a Call; nor even a Missed Call. Keep Smiling.

Anna Hazare ends his fast

Anna Hazare ends his fast as he is being offered a glass of lime juice by a small girl Sowmya. After four days of fast in Hot Summer in Delhi at last Government had relent. Anna Hazare says this is just a Start!