Your sleeping service

Dear Customer; Your sleeping service has been activated. Now enjoy unlimited sweet dreams browsing on your bed. Dreams to Dreams FREE. Validity: 8 hrs.

When you give importance to people

When you give importance to people; they think that you are always Free. But; they dont understand that you make yourself available for them Every time.

Color Blue

Color Blue: Specifies you are Free and want to fall In Love. You can wear blue color dress or have blue things around you like flowers.

The best relation

The best relation is the one in which you feel free to show even your negative side and still have the hope that it will strengthen your relationship.

As a Doctor

As a Doctor I am giving you a prescription. A cute little smile for breakfast. More laughs for lunch. Lots of happiness for dinner. You know whats this Doctors fee? Just an SMS when you are free.

1 Crore mark crossed on 02233081122

Swami Ramdev ji and his movement supporters started Fasting for bringing back the Black Money and stopping corruption. To support just dial 02233081122 from your mobile; NO CHARGES; its FREE. 1 Crore mark is crossed as announced by Swami Ramdev ji. Join the movement in your city or reach Ramleela maidan; Delhi.

Free cartoon movie

Close your eyes and think about yourself; your face; your style; your nature; your smile; now open your eyes. Hope you have seen a Free cartoon movie! now say me thanks.