Fruit Break

Fruit Break is inspired by the successful App Store hit Fruit Ninja. In this addicting arcade game you have 60 seconds to cut as many fruits as possible and avoid all bombs. Prove your skills and beat the highest score!

Break fruits

Fruita Swipe 2

Fruita Swipe 2

Fruita Swipe 2 is the sequel to the popular Match3 game where you have to combine lots of tasty fruit! 100 brand new levels in different worlds are waiting for you. Connect as many fruits as possible, complete the challenges and collect 3 stars in every level. The longer the chains, the more points you will get. Can you master all levels?

Nature magically suits a man

Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes; by making them the fruit of his character.By Ralph Waldo Emerson

If someone hurts you dont mind

If someone hurts you dont mind. Because; It is law of Nature that; The tree which has the sweetest fruit have to bear the maximum Number of stones.

Mind Game Words Puzzle

Mind Game: Solve it if you are smart enough. CORRECT THE SPELLING SIMPLE WORDS with hint. Q1: OKEYRWN;City Q2: KASNLRIA;Country Q3: RUBELPM;Profession Q4: DIKYEN;Body part Q5: PITLLU;Flower Q6: TONPYHE;Animal Q7: NOMETARLLEW;Fruit Q8: NICEPSH;Vegetable Q9: MAVBCE;Invention Q10: DOCLYU;Weather

1 – new york; 2 – sri lanka; 3 – plumber; 4 – kidney; 5 – tulip; 6 – python; 7 – watermelon; 8 – spinach; 9 – Webcam 10 – cloudy.

Celebrate Mahavir Jayanti

Lets offer Milk; Rice; Fruit; Incense; Lamps and Water to the poor people. Today is Mahavir Jayanti. Lets celebrate.

What forgiveness is

God asked what forgiveness is. A little girl gave lovely answer. Its the wonderful fruit that a tree gives when it is being hurt by a stone.