full form

Full form of Google

Full form of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Is that good?

Full form of Google 1

Full form of Woman

Full form of Woman W – Wonderful O – Outstanding M – Marvellous A – Adorable N – Nice. Thats what you are girls ladies friends. Lets spread love, peace, happiness in this universe. We are not born as great women, but we are by our passion and contribution in small or big deeds to this world and man kind.

Full Form of CHESS

full form chess

full form chess

Full Form of CHESS is Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS

Making a full form of anything meaningful is possible. Just like this word, chess.

Full Form of SMILE


full form of smile

Full Form of SMILE is Sweet Memories In Lips Expression.

Smile is a magic which can turn around any situation. Have a big smile always on your face.

Good Night Full form sms

Good Night Full Form

G. Go 2 Bed O. Off d Lights O. Out O Tension D. Dreams come N. Nice Sleep I. Ignore Worries G. Get Up Early H. Have A Nice Night. T. Thank God Always.