Essay on duck

Essay on duck: I like duck. Duck lives in water. I also drink water. My neighbor uncle drink alcohol. Alcohol is very bad. It was told by Gandhi ji. He was a good person. He had one stick. Stick swim in water. Duck also swim in water. Duck take bath in water. Me too take bath in water. I take bath only 5 min but duck take bath full day. So only duck is so white. I like duck so much. Moral: My messages are free. I have 9523 more free SMS. Coming soon. essay on fish!

Anna Hazare; Living Mahatma

Anna Hazare; Living Mahatma. Its a simple dream come true to all youth seeing Mahatma Gandhi in Anna Hazare.

Mahatma Gandhi Version 2.0

How can you make Software Engineers understand about the Anna Hazare Movement of Jan Lokpal Bill for making corruption free India. Just tell them this is Mahatma Gandhi Version 2.0

Anna Hazare continuing his fast on fourth day

Anna Hazare continuing his fast on fourth day for Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna hazare calls for Jail Bharo Andholan. He is really a Shadow of Mahatma Gandhi. Lets join him for passing Jan Lokpal Bill.