MAN in GODs shop

MAN in GODs shop; Wat do u sell? GOD; What ever ur heart desires. Man; I want success & happiness. GOD smiled and said; I sell only seeds not fruits

Man asking God I want happiness

A Man asked GOD: I WANT HAPPINESS. GOD Said: 1st Remove I That’s Ego. Then Remove Want That’s Desire. See u R Left wid only HAPPINESS.

God still loves the world

Every birth of a child tells that God still loves the world…

But every death of a person tells that God still rules the world….!!

I pray that the NEW YEAR

I pray that the NEW YEAR brings;12 months of the Presence of God; 52 weeks of Prayer; 365 days of Health; 8760 hours of the Peace of God; 525600 minutes of Blessings and 31536000 seconds of Joy. A BLESSED NEW YEAR.

May year to follow be among the best

God bless u and keep u safe not only today but throughout life i.e coming in ur way. May year to follow be among the best u have ever spend. Happy New Year.

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind Is Surety To Success; May God Bless You and Ur Family With PURE; CLEAR

Husbands and Wives in Heaven with God

In heaven God told all husbands & wives to gather for a meeting!
He told the men to stand in two queues…
Those who are controlled by their wives & those who control their wives!

Only 1 man stood in d second Queue…

God said “So you control ur wife?”

Man: “R u CRAZY ???
My wife told me to stand here”???…