good night

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वो फूलों वाला तकियाँ

वो फूलों वाला तकियाँ मोड़ के सोना,
सपनों की रजाई ओढके सोना,
रात को ख्वाबो में हम भी आयेंगे, इसलिए
हमारे लिए थोड़ी-सी जगह छोड़ के सोना.
Good Night in Hindi

While day turns to NIGHT

While day turns to NIGHT. Keep your worries out of SIGHT. No matter how TOUGH the world may seem. You still deserve the SWEETEST DREAM. Good Night

Understand these exceptionalities

Sometimes sorry means; its not my fault its yours; accept it; it would make me feel better. Sometimes good night means; dont keep the phone silly I want to talk more. Sometimes take care means; I am not well and need to be cared for. Sometimes disconnecting a phone means call me back I want you. Sometimes smile means more than tears and sometimes tears are more satisfying than smile. There are very few who understand these exceptionalities. Never let such people go from your life!

Looking at the beautiful Sky

I know you are looking at the beautiful Sky this night and noticed that the Brightest Star is missing; I swear I have no clue how the hell I fell from Sky but I am OK. You can sleep happily! Good Night.

Black Sky with Solo Moon

Black Sky with Solo Moon; Millions of Twinkling Stars brings you a few Silent Hours to take a Nice Rest! Enjoy the whole night with sweet dreams! Good night.