Full form of Google

Full form of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Is that good?

Full form of Google 1

Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York

Free wifi! What would be the speed of internet? If the speed is so good that we can video call to anybody using skype or any other app then, I am sure I will first unsubscribe my internet and switch to the free wi-fi by google. Well I am sure, google will plug its ads into that also. 😉 Well, lets see how it would be first. Whatever free with quality, I would take it.

Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York 2Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York 3*fist pumps*

Source: Google wants to bring free Wi-Fi to cities – and it’s starting now with Sidewalk Labs in New York | Metro News

Google is a girl or a boy

Teacher: Google is a girl or a boy? Student: Google is a Girl; because it wont let you complete the whole sentence and start guessing and suggesting! and you ask only one question but get hundreds of answers in seconds.

Google + compared with twitter

Goolge + starts out with: We have temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon. They got that part of twitter right anyway.

To be without you is like

To be without you is like Facebook friends; MySpace without bands; YouTube without music; and Google without results.

Google Search by SMS

Do you want to search anything on Google and not having smartphone or computer? You can even search on Google by sending keyword by SMS to 9773300000.

How to tackle a Wife

One morning a Husband got upset and started Searching these keywords on Google: How to tackle a Wife. Google Search Result shown the Answer at lightening speed: Good Morning; Sir! Even We are Searching for it!