mon amour est plus

mon amour est plus grand ke la terre mes yeux sont plus lumineus ke la lumiére mes mains sont plus chaude ke la chaleur kar grace a toi je vois le jour je tm.

Engineering Friend to a friend

Engineering Friend to a friend: Making a relation is very simple but keeping it is very difficult. If I fail anytime; give me grace marks and promote me because I dont want to lose you.

Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY

I am feeling very sad today! On the Holy day. May His light guide your path. May his love grace your heart. And may His sacrifice strengthen Your Soul! Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY!

Gods Grace is only for one who works hard

Sun rises everywhere; Rain Falls Every where; Land is Everywhere but crop grows only where the farmer has worked hard similarly God is everywhere but His Grace is only for one who works hard.