Two Guys coming out

Two Guys coming out of the examination Hall with chips and coke in hand. 1st guy: Which paper was it? 2nd guy: I think maths. . 1st guy: (surprisingly) you read the question paper? 2nd guy: No I see a girl sitting besides me using calculator.

How to Make a Girl Happy

How to Make a Girl Happy? Its not at all difficult to make a girl happy. A guy ONLY needs to be: 1. A friend 2.companion 3.lover 4.chef 5.electrician 6.carpntr 7.plumbr 8.mechanic 9.decoratr 10.stylist 11.drivr 12.gyncologist 13.psycologist 14.pest exterminator . . 39.courageous 40.determined 41.true 42.dependable 43.passionate 44.compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45.give her compliments regularly 46.take her for shopping honest very rich 49.not stress her out 50.not look at other girls 51.remember birthdays and to be continued.

Hardworking Guy in MTV Roadies

Who is the Most Hardworking Guy in MTV Roadies except Raghu; Rajeev and Rannvijay? Guess. The One who operates the BEEP Button.

I killed him beware

killed if no sms

O…;=- * \O/

That guy Didnt SMS me. So I killed him.


Its your turn.

Cant believe d teenagers nowaday

Cant believe the teenagers nowadays? i was in the temple; when a guy next 2 me lit a cigarette from d Aarti! I was so shocked; I almost dropped my beer bottle.