Nick Vujicic, A man with no limbs

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, A man with no limbs. As a Child struggled mentally and emotionally. Now a Graduate and an inspirational speaker. He can do all the things from combing the Hair to play Drums. He inspired and transformed many lives.

‎The three most difficult things

The three most difficult things to do in the world. 1. You cant count your hair. 2. You cant wash your eyes with soap. 3. You cant breathe when your tongue is out. . . Now please put your tongue back inside you look like a thirsty dog.

Follow this daily tip for health

10 black Dates/Day=No hair fall; 3 Carrots/Day=Increase color; 1 Apple/Day=No Doctor; 1 large Cup Milk/Day=No Bone Problems; 5 Ltrs Water/Day=No Diseases; Hot water+Honey= Reduce weight; 1 Banana/Day=Health fit. Forward to everyone who you care.

Sword fight between Chinese, Japanese, Rajnikant

Once there was a sword fight between Chinese; Japanese and Rajnikant. 1st Chinese breaks a thin silk wire into four pieces. Then Japanese breaks a hair into eight pieces. Rajnikant rotates the sword but still the mosquito flies away. Chinese and Japanese asks and laugh. Rajnikanth says now that mosquito now cant walk in his whole life.

Rajnikant does not shave

Rajnikant does not shave. He just looks in the mirror and dares on hair. They just fall down if grown.