The first to Apologize

The first to Apologize; is the Bravest. The first to Forgive; is the Strongest. And the first to Forget; is the Happiest.

The happiest people

The happiest people do not have everything in Life. they just keep creating situations that bring happiness everyday; every time and forever.

Most happiest man

Even the most powerful man is weaker in front of the most happiest person in the world. So be happy forever. Enjoy every bit.

Very true for happiest friends

It is very true: The worlds most happiest friends never have the same characters; They just have the best understanding.

The day we fall in LOVE

The day we fall in LOVE with someone. We think is the happiest day of our life. But in actual we become the weakest person who cannot live without someone.

Whom they love and respect

The happiest people on earth are not those who live on their terms; but those who change their terms for the one whom they love and respect.