Love is the feeling

Love is the feeling which makes me to achieve new heights. It happens only when I Love You.

Heights of begging

Heights of begging: A sleeping beggar puts up a notice board in front of him; Please do not make noise by dropping coins; offer notes.


CM Kiran: Naa kottha illu choosava enthundo? Oka room nundi vere room ki vellal ante bike kavali! Jagan: Repu naa guest house ki ra kodaka; room marithe roaming paduthundhi..!! Rahul Gandhi: Pichii na ______ naa intiki randi; room marithe Time zone maruthundhi. HEIGHTS OF CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

Fresh dreams and plans on Ugadi

On this ugadi lets start our new year with fresh dreams; new plans; to achieve the super heights of our goal. Happy Ugadi.

Heights of over love

Heights of over love: A boy does not chat with his girl friend Bcoz he feels that her hand may pain when she is typing text!