Height of hope

Whats the Height of hope? It is Sitting in the Exam Hall; Holding the Question Paper in Hand and Telling Yourself. Dude; Dont Worry Exams will get Postponed!

If you fall in LOVE

If you fall in river; there will be a boat. If you fall in well; there will be a rope. But if you fall in LOVE then there is no hope.

Dream Hope and Smile

Dream makes everything possible; Hope makes everything work; Love makes everything beautiful; Smile makes all the above; So always Brush your Teeth.

Dream Hope and Love

Life ends when you stop dreaming; hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love. Makes Life Beautiful.

Have hope at every situation

Have hope at every situation in your life; it will take you through the way of success and every hope gives you new confidence to step into future.

Faith Love and Hope

Faith makes all things Possible. Love makes all things Easy. Hope makes all things Work!