Bath with your sweat

Enjoy the bath with your sweat; Drink water to keep the body cool. Wishing you a HOT summer Good Afternoon.

Anna Hazare ends his fast

Anna Hazare ends his fast as he is being offered a glass of lime juice by a small girl Sowmya. After four days of fast in Hot Summer in Delhi at last Government had relent. Anna Hazare says this is just a Start!

Just testing If I am Cute or not

I am testing if I am cute or not; Call: if i m cute. miss call: if i m Hot. Text back if i m lovable. Text a joke if i m charming. Just ignore if u r jealous.

What I am

You are: 1.Naughty but childish 2.Truefrnd 3.Beautiful n cute 4.Cool n smart 5.Hot n atractive 6.Stupid n decent 7.Sweetheart 8.Bestfrnd 9.Nice persn 10.Sweet idiot Wats my number?Reply must.