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I am ready to share your pain

I love you ?
but i am not your lover.
i hug you ?
but i am not ur life partner.
I care for you ?
but i am not from your family.
I am ready to share your pain? but i am not in your blood relation.

For the best mom

For the best mom who always had a smile for me. I know we may be far apart right now So heres a great big hug and kiss. Happy Mothers Day

If you read

If you read; you owe me a HUG; if you delete; you Owe me a KISS; if you save; you owe me a DATE; if you return text to me; you owe me All; but if you ignore; you are MINE; so what will you do?

Most difficult moments of life

Most difficult moments of life: Giving someone a hug when you need it the most yourself. Fighting back the tears in your eyes to wipe off someone elses tears. Listening to somebodys grief when you want your misery to be heard.
Being the reason of a smile on someones face when your own smile is lost.

The Valentines Day

The Valentines Day. Do all the things you did in the week. Propose; Hug; Kiss; Promise your Lover/Partner. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.