If someone hurts you dont mind

If someone hurts you dont mind. Because; It is law of Nature that; The tree which has the sweetest fruit have to bear the maximum Number of stones.

When someone hurts you

When someone hurts you; dont cry! Remember; it takes 49 Muscles to Cry and 12 Muscles to Smile But; Only 6 Muscles to give a Slap. Save Energy!

Friendship is when

Friendship is when someone hurts YOU; you dont hurt back. He blocks you; YOU dont block back. He yells at you; YOU dont yell back. But when he needs YOU. YOU ALWAYS COME BACK. So I am here back to wish you Happy friendship day!

Our body, heart and eye

Our body is fully made of water but whenever it hurts blood comes out. Our heart is full of blood but whnever it hurts the water comes out from the eye.

It hurts more to let go off

It is difficult to get off someone who has touched your life. But it hurts more to let go off someone who was never yours but changed your life.

If someone hurts you

If someone hurts you; ignore it. If you cant ignore; forget it. If you cant forget; laugh at it. If you cant laugh; then YOU DESERVE IT.

You do not know why

Love hurts. Boys lie. Friends cry. People die. Parents yell. You always try. You are never good enough; and you do not know why.