Independence Day

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Today we come together

Today we come together; Be the cause for the unity; Make it Beautiful day another. Fight against corruption; Spurl the flag of on The NATION. Happy Independence Day!

Other might have forgotten

Other might have forgotten; But never can I; The Flag of my country always Furls very high. Happy Independence day.

Independence Day Wishes

On Independence Day. Heres wishing our dreams of a new tomorrow come true for us. NOW AND ALWAYS! Lets make a better country.

Thousands laid down their Lives

Thousands laid down their Lives so that we are Breathing this Day independently in our country. Never Forget their Sacrifice. Happy Independence Day.

No Nation is Perfect

No Nation is Perfect; It needs to be made perfect. We have to make it perfect. Happy Independence Day.

A new mark in History of India

A new mark in History of India! 15th August: Independence Day; 26th January: Republic Day NEW ONE is 8th April: People Power Day!