Proud to be an Indian

28 States; 1618 Languages; 6400 Castes; 6 major Religions; 6 Ethnic Groups; 29 Major festivals and ONE Country! Be Proud to be an Indian! *Happy REPUBLIC day*

Republic Day remember

If not other than our common ground to meet; let me remember the anonymous; for once at least; beyond the patriotic floats display on this Republic Day.

Advance Happy Republic Day

When we can wish all our festivals in advance; why cant we wish Republic Day; Happy Republic Day in Advance; Be proud to be Indian keep the unity.

Expansion of INDIA

Expansion of INDIA: I: INDIAN; N: NOT; D: DELAY; I: IN; A: ACTION; So dont delay wish everybody. Happy Republic Day

Anna Hazare to fast on 8th June

Anna Hazare to fast on 8th June in Jantar Mantar protesting about what happened in Ramlila Grounds last night. All Indian people should join the movement.