A bird and Jack

A bird shits on a Jack. Jack shouts angrily; DONT YOU WEAR UNDERWEAR? The bird shouted back; Do you shit in Underwear itself!

Principal and Jack

Principal to Jack: Why do you come to school every day and sit in the class. Jack: Silly question; Just for the Attendance!

Jack prays daily for Two hours

Jack prays daily for Two hours. GOD; make me lucky by winning lottery. After 11 years God appeared and said: My SON atleast take a Lottery ticket and Pray!

Jack for hunting Lion

Jack standing near door. Jill: Why are you standing here? Jack: I am going to hunt a lion. Jill: then go? Jack: How can i go? Dog is standing and barking outside.

Why did Jack keep the door

Why did Jack keep the door open while bathing? Because he was afraid that someone might watch him from key hole.

Jack got into a bus

Jack got into a bus on 1st April when the conductor asked for a ticket. He gave 2 Dollars and took the ticket and said April fool. I already have a pass.