Snap The Shape: Japan

Snap The Shape Japan is the sequel to the popular puzzle game where you have to fill different patterns with pieces. The pieces come in various sizes and forms – simply drag them to the board and find their correct positions to fill out the pattern completely. The less moves you need, the better. Can you finish all levels in record time?

Test your skill on Shapes

Start a chain of prayers

Please start a chain of prayers for all the people hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Please dont break the chain. This is the least we can do.

It breaks my heart

I am watching all this news of the tsunami in Japan. It breaks my heart. My thoughts go out to everyone affected. By Ellen DeGeneres

Pray for the people

Pray for the people trapped in Earthquake and tsunami in Japan. God bless everybody out there. . .

Would be effected Countries of Tsunami

Tsunami could occur in following countries due to earthquake in Japan. Countries are New Zealand; Australia; Russia; Guam; Philippines; Indonesia; Papua New Guinea; Nauru; Hawaii; Northern Marianas USA and Taiwan.

Japan hit by earthquake

Japan hit by a massive earthquake which is measured to be 8.9 magnitude. Occurred in Honshu Island of Japan