Journey of Life

In the Journey of life, we face pleasure & pain,

there will be sunshine & rain, there will be loss & gain,

but we must learn to smile, again & again & again…

Dont compare your life

Dont compare your life with others; You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Best Relations are like

Best Relations are like Beautiful Street Lamps! They may not make the distance shorter but they light your path and make the Journey Easier!

Friend like a beautiful street lamp

You are my Best friend like a beautiful street lamp; It may not make the Distance Shorter but Lights the path and make the Journey easier. Happy friendship day!

School Lifes Unforgettable Moments

School Lifes Unforgettable Moments: Most irritating moment; Morning Alarm. Most Difficult Task; To find socks. Most Dreadful Journey; Way to Classroom. Most Lovely time: Meeting friends. Most Tragic Moment; Surprise test in 1st Period. Most Wonderful News; Teacher is Absent.

Short walk is so difficult

A short walk is so difficult; when no one walks with you. But a long Journey is just like a few steps when you walk with someone who loves and cares for you.