Fooling Rajnikanth

I know you are trying to fool Rajnikanth but you cant. Bcoz His calendar doesnt has date April 1st. It jumps directly to April 2nd

Even Lion takes a few steps back

Even Lion takes a few steps back before it jumps forward. So whenever life pulls you back; Dont Worry; Its going to lead you forward to a Great Victory.

The train is coming on platform

Jack standing on platform suddenly jumps on the railway track. Jill: Santa ull die. Jack: Confidently; Ull die bcoz havent u heard the announcement: the train is coming on platform!

Doctor and Balayya

Doctor: u hav a brain tumor. Balayya: yahoo.! Jumps n enjoy. Doc: y r u so happy? Balayya: idhi chalehe naku brain undani chepadaniki