Ram killed Ravana

Ram killed Ravana so that evil gets killed. Same way i am killing your evil with this SMS. Happy Dussehra!

Day for victory of Ram over Ravana

Day for victory of Ram over Ravana. When in Satya Yug; Ram killed the great demon and king of Lanka; Ravana. Lets celebrate together and believe in blessings of God for good. Happy Dussehra.

Osama and Obama facebook twist

Tension on facebook: Obama updates his fb status LADEN IS KILLED; JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. after sum time he gets notficason. Osama Bin Laden Likes your status!

Osama Bin Laden Killed

Top Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Killed. Time to celebrate and party. Hope all other terrorist will also be killed or they become nice person atleast.

I killed him beware

killed if no sms

O…;=- * \O/

That guy Didnt SMS me. So I killed him.


Its your turn.

Jack cannot think

Once there was a mirror which used to kill liars. A French: I think I hate kissing; = Killed! American: I think I love Iraq; = Killed! Jack: I think; = Killed!