Happy Vijayadashmi

As Shri Ram kills Ravana; And comes back to people he loves; As Ma Durga kills Mahishasura; And prepares to go back to her heavenly abode; May these good-over-evil stories; Inspire you towards your own victories! To meet great targets! Aspire and Stretch! Tide over bad-times! Make the best of your good-times! and just enjoy! Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Vijayadashmi!

Terrorism in India

Is terrorism an external threat only? No blasts possible until some officer; politician sold the security of country for money. Corruption kills!!

A heart Feelings

A heart dies when its not able to share its feelings. But a heart kills itself when another heart does not understand its feelings.

Three thoughts

Three thoughts: 1. Kill the Tension before Tension Kills you. 2. Reach your Goal before goal Kicks you. 3. Live LIFE before LIFE Leaves you.