Lady on telephone

Lady on telephone: Hello Sir; I want to meet and talk to you. You are the father of one of my kids. Man stunned; Oh my God! Are you Priya? No; Anju? No; Parul? No; Jassi? No; Lady in confusion. . . No sir I am the class teacher of your son!

Beggar ordering Pizza

Beggar ordering Pizza on Telephone: Hello; Pizza hut?? Operator: Yes. Beggar: 6 Large pizzas and 3 Pepsi. Operator: On whose name shall I send this sir? Beggar: Send on Gods name Lady.

Lady and Station Master for Train

Lady: Is this my train? Station Master: No; it belongs to the Railway Company. Lady: Dont try to be funny. I mean to ask if I can take this train to New Delhi. Station Master: No Madam I am afraid its too heavy.

The worst Government

India is having the hardest time as its running by THE WORST GOVERNMENT. The police had entered Ramlila Grounds at night 1 AM to arrest Ramdev Ji. Why didnt they come in Morning? Why dont they say; Yes they will bring back the black money? Instead they are stopping these movements. Prime Minister Looks to be dumbest man and acting under instructions of a Lady.

Old lady and Bus Driver

An old Lady gave the bus Driver peanuts to eat. This happened for several Times. The driver said why have you givn me such wonderful peanuts to eat? why dont you eat them yourself? Tha Lady replied I dont have teeth to munch them Driver:Then why you bout them? Old Lady: I just Love the chocolate Around them.

Funny letter by a Gaon Lady

Gaon me ek lady ko letter likhna tha apne husband ko. Par wo janti nahi thi ke fullstops kaha lagana hai. Isliye jaha mann me aaya wahi laga deti thi. Letter: Mere pyare; mera pranam apke charno me. Apne abi tak chithi nai likhi meri saheli ko. nokri mil gayi he hamari gaai ko. Bachda diya hai dadaji ne. Sharab ke lat laga li hai maine. tumko bhaut khat likhe par tum ni aye kutte ke bache. Bhedia kha gaya do mahine ka rashan. Chutti par ate samay le aana tumhari aurat.