GOOD MORNING to the last monday

GOOD MORNING. to the last Monday of the last week of the last month of the last year of the 1st DECADE of the 1st century of the 2nd millennium!

We are in the last Week

We are in the last Week; Last Day of the Year. Just felt I should Thank every one who made me smile this year. You are one of them. So here is a BIG THANKS to you.

A different style New year wishes

Athisa Aisa Athea Awaya Atoa Asaya Ayoua Ahappya Anewa Ayeara Aina Aadvancea Aina Amya Astylea. . . . . . . . . . . Not able to understand what is this? Remove first and last A of all words and read. 😛

I hope you remember

I hope you remember my wishes last year and your through out year passed in Fun and Happiness. Here I am wishing you again for this year as well. A very happy and Prosperous new year.

Those who need 121212

Those who need their childs first birthday to be on 121212 Date 12-12-2012; today is last day to participate; exact 9 month in hand; Hurry up offer closes tonight!