Always have a Successful EXIT

Always have a Successful EXIT than a Favorable ENTRANCE; Because what matters is not being clapped when we arrive but being Remembered when we Leave.

Funny thing of charging Phone

Funny things people do: Charging your phone for 5 minutes before you leave because you think it will make a difference.

Love fact

Love is so strange. Sometimes it becomes reason to live life! and sometimes it becomes reason to leave life.

Love story of a dog

A love story of a dog. . . . . . . . . . Once said Love story, so much interested in reading Hmmm? you will not even leave a Dog??

Its nothing but LOVE

Leave it once it will be left forever; Get it once it will be yours forever; Its nothing but LOVE; LOVE only once and you will be loved forever.

We need to leave people

Sometimes; we need to leave people from our past behind because of one reason: they just dont deserve a place in your future.

Great friends are

Truly great friends are hard to find; difficult to leave and impossible to forget.