She is an angel on earth

She is an angel on earth. She lives for me. She is more than anything. She is god for me. She is my lifes first person. I may fail to express myself about her but she is my life forever. LOVE YOU MOM.

Lifes Cutest Prizes

Most of us Miss Out Lifes Biggest Prizes: Nobel; Oscar; Grammy s; But we are all eligible for Lifes Small and cute Prizes: Care of parents; A Hug from your lover; A Short sleep on friends shoulder; A Glorious Sunset; A chat with one we have a crush on; An ice-cream when its raining; A Silent Night on the Terrace.

School Lifes Unforgettable Moments

School Lifes Unforgettable Moments: Most irritating moment; Morning Alarm. Most Difficult Task; To find socks. Most Dreadful Journey; Way to Classroom. Most Lovely time: Meeting friends. Most Tragic Moment; Surprise test in 1st Period. Most Wonderful News; Teacher is Absent.

Nobody understands

Nobody understands the reason why we met in dis lifes journey. We are not related by blood but we just know that; God put us together to be wonderful friends by heart!