TYPEWRITER is the longest word

TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard. Its in the first line.

Love and Hate

Love and Hate both are four letter words. Only difference is which one you fill for me in this line: I ____ you. Love gives me Life. Hate takes my life.

Best friends stick together

Best friends stick together till the end; They are like a straight line that will not bend. Did you heard my words dear friend.

The highs and Lows in life

The highs and Lows in life are so important to keep us going. As a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive!

Cute line for you

One cute line for you: I am not a pencil to write your Happiness. But I will be a nice rubber to erase all your sorrow. Just try when you want me!

Our Friendship has no end

Stars has 5 ends. Square has 4 ends. Trinagle has 3 ends. Line has 2 ends. but Circle of our friendship has no end.