Jelly Bomb

Jelly Bomb is a fun logic puzzle where you have to explode jellys to clear the table. Jellys will explode into little jelly drops which cause chain reactions when hitting other jellys. Smaller ones need to be filled up with jelly drops first. Play strategically and cause huge chain reactions! Can you master all levels?

Logic Of Time

Logic Of Time: When Time never stops for us; Then why do we always wait for the right time? No Time is wrong to do the Right Thing.

May 21 end of the world

Who said May 21 is the end of the world? A simple logic if the world is gonna end. Do we sit like this and enjoy? Scientist would have almost developed and escaped to moon.

Logic for beautiful life

A lovely logic for beautiful life: Not only try to maintain relations in you life. But also try to maintain life in your relations.

Do You Know The Logic of Emergency 108 Ambulance

Do You Know The Logic of Emergency 108 Ambulance? Take last two digits of your Birth Year Ex:83 ADD Your Current Age Ex:27 then MINUS 2 two 83+27=110; removing two will give you 108. Its Amazing!