Miss you so much

Close Your Eyes; Relax Your Body and stop breathing as Long as you can. Now Breath. I Miss You as Much as You Missed The Air! This is Love.

The minute you think of

The minute you think of giving up any relation; think of the reason why you held it so long.

Jacks son filling an Application

Jacks son was filling a Application form. Son: Father; What should I fill in mother tongue? Jack: Write; very long and uncontrollable.

My simple gift GOOD MORNING

Hello; wake up; Receive my simple gift GOOD MORNING wrapped with sincerity; tied with care and sealed with a prayer to keep you safe and happy all day long! Take Care!

Absent minded man with psychiatrist

An absent minded man went to see a psychiatrist. My trouble is; he said; that I keep forgetting things. How long has this been going on? asked the psychiatrist. How long has what been going on? said the man.

Smile turn into tears

When will your smile turn into tears. 1. When you lift your first baby. 2. See your most loved one after so many long years. 3. When you hear your 1st recruitment message after a long wait. 4. When you are asked to smile for photo in your lovers marriage. 5. On the last day of your college life. 6. When you visit the places with your wife or husband which once you visited with your friends in college life. Remember: Joy or pain enjoy every moment that your life gives!