Friends are the most stupid people

My friends are the most stupid people in the entire world Idiots; they catch my sadness even if am smiling
Silly billys; sumtimes dont even give me time Devils; tease me till it gets onto my nerves Sumtimes fools have fun without me and dont even care to miss me. But still i love each super duper kamina friend of mine. Life is Hell without them and hell is heaven if they are with me! Forward to all your lovable friends! Its not just a forwarded msg. I mean it!

Lovable people are not forgotten

Affection does not require so much of effort even when all are busy with there own lives a simple sms reminds that lovable people are not forgotten.

A single moment

A Single Moment Of Miss Under Standing Is So Poisonous; That It Makes Us Forget The 1OO Lovable Moments Spent Together Within a Min!

Just testing If I am Cute or not

I am testing if I am cute or not; Call: if i m cute. miss call: if i m Hot. Text back if i m lovable. Text a joke if i m charming. Just ignore if u r jealous.

That is d real Affection

Nice msg: U miss ur Lovable 1 just by saying BYE But the truth is our HEART Waits 4 them Until they say HI again. That is d real Affection.

14 types of hearts

There r 14 types of hearts. To know what types of heart is yours. Chose any no.from this 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14 and send me. Choose carefully try it.

1;selfish 2;cool 3;cruel 4;weak 5;smart 6;jelous 7;lovable 8;friendly 9;sensitive 1O;kind 11;sexy 12;open 13;affection 14;romantic.

A single smile

A single lovable smile is a proper key for many solutions and many confusions. So express ur cute smile every Moment.