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Aries 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

You bring a lot of passion and drive to any relationship, Aries, but this year your most intense desires and needs may be hard to express openly. Complicated situations early in the year might result in confused feelings and it’s not always clear how to voice your concerns.

Don’t worry – you’re not losing your edge or your sex drive. Rather, you’re getting a glimpse deeper than usual into the emotional jungle that is a part of everyone’s life.

You and your partner may experience something of a breakthrough or progress toward even greater intimacy and commitment, or simply more honesty, with the September 27 Lunar Eclipse. Some of this may be karmic. Sometimes it’s the bonding of souls; sometimes it’s merely putting the toothbrush back in its holder.

Regardless, and however long you’ve been together, know that you both are learning deep, important lessons in love this year.

Taurus 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

2015 looks to be a strong, supportive year for your relationships, Taurus. Most days, you should see eye-to-eye and find it easy to cooperate and make progress on those joint plans and efforts.

One possible challenging period could come in mid-February when Venus conjuncts Mars in fiery Aries. Tempers can flare and unreasonable passions can surface. You can sidestep this with patience and mutual efforts at cooperation. It won’t last long, and you’ll grow even closer as a result of it.

This conjunction repeats on August 31 in fiery Leo, and then one more time on November 2 in cooler, calmer Virgo.

The Venus retrograde (July 25 to September 6) might lead both of you to be more self-centered and less impassioned but that, too, won’t last. September should see more than enough passion to make up for cooler times!

Gemini 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

Relationships could deepen and grow long roots for Gemini this year. It’s hard to be patient and not jump ahead to the next adventure or shared dream, but you must try.

As Saturn enters fiery but big-hearted Sagittarius, you should enjoy a more leisurely approach to simply being together. Don’t confuse this with lack of interest or cooled passions. There is nothing boring about this relationship for either of you.

The calendar year starts with the Moon in the last degree of Taurus but rapidly enters your sign, Gemini. You should have no trouble communicating, especially about material or money concerns. This leaves room for plenty of love and affection. The Venus retrograde in Leo (July 25 to September 6) could reignite any burning embers forgotten in your heart.

Saturn is in Sagittarius all year (except for a short spell, bringing more patience and generosity for you both). Any temporary feelings of something lacking or substandard are groundless and illusion. Keep your eyes and heart on the love!

Cancer 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

It’s a highly passionate year when tempers could flare and/or deeper, stronger bonds could be formed.

The most magical period may be the first half of February, culminating when Venus conjuncts Neptune on February 1. The two of you may have never cherished one another as much as you will then. Let yourself be swept off your feet all over again, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Be conciliatory and make efforts to avoid quarrels in the days before February 21, August 31, and November 2. These are days when Venus conjuncts Mars and passions can run especially high. If you’ve been together for a while, you already have coping mechanisms and appreciate a give-and-take attitude.

The Solar Eclipse of September 13 should be a practical as well as sweet time. Make big joint decisions now. For newer couples, look forward to a greater desire for peace and harmony, and find new ways to support one another and work together.

Leo 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

Smart Mercury and sizzling Mars are both in emotional Cancer when the Sun enters your sign, Leo. This sets you up for a smart, sexy year that will make you two a strong, successful team when facing the world.

If shopping for a house, car, or any other major purchase, your most agreeable times come in July, August, or September. You’ll be able to work together easily all year, though, when making crucial decisions.

Communication should be sharpest and most sensible in the summer. The Venus retrograde in Leo (July 25 – September 6) might cause slight confusion, but be methodical and patient with each other.

Late summer is the best vacation time for a romantic getaway, with Jupiter at the end of Leo and Venus at the beginning of Virgo. It should be most affordable around now, too.

The only dicey times (when you should avoid quarrels) are during the Venus-Mars conjunctions (February 21, August 31, and November 2).

Virgo 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

You’ll be there for each other in all the ways that count most in a relationship. Nurture and be nurtured by your loved one.

The day after the Sun enters Virgo, Mercury trines the asteroid Ceres, both in Earth signs. Abundant honesty and being able to talk about the most practical nuts and bolts part of life will be possible (if not already) without either of you getting self-conscious, doubtful, or fearful of what the other may think or say.

Please each other in unusual or surprising ways this year. Surprise parties, gifts, or a trip are possible examples. Your Grand Trine in Fire (involving Uranus, Mars, and the Moon) keeps romantic excitement going all year. Peak times should be April, August, and late November.

The September 13 Solar Eclipse in Virgo could impact some big joint plan, like buying a house or closing some other deal. Watch your health now, too. Keep stress low and pamper one another. Mercury retrograde (September 17 – October 9) helps slow things down to the daily routine that you both prefer.

Libra 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

Listen to one another more this year and give each other time for the words to soak in. With the Lunar North Node in early Libra, there are a lot of karmic connections and magic in play for you this year.

You may both feel extravagant, mostly in the summer, but with so many planets in Fire Signs, you can find sensible ways to satisfy those desires.

In the fall, thoughts may turn to simpler happiness at home. This does not have to mean a remodel or even new purchase, but if you need something new, you can negotiate and make it happen.

Saturn is just entering Sagittarius and there’s tremendous passion for you, though it may have a more serious, profound and lasting feel to it. This energy doesn’t have to boil over. Express what you need from each other, and develop a deeper emotional connection. The last two months of the year may be the most desirous, intense, and fulfilling.