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Figures, Sugar, Lover, moon

Figures lekunte College waste
Sugar lekunte Coffee waste
Lover lekunte Life waste
Moon lekunte Sky waste
Nuvvu lekunte Zoo waste !!!!!!!

Color Red

Color Red: Specifies you are In Love. You can wear red color dress or have Red color Rose to give your lover.

A girl died and her soul

A girl died and her soul was taken to heaven; angels were shocked to see her heart still beating. . . Girl replied; I might be dead but my lover still lives in my heart. . . and thus the girl was send to hell. . . . . . . . . . . . . for over acting! 😛

The Valentines Day

The Valentines Day. Do all the things you did in the week. Propose; Hug; Kiss; Promise your Lover/Partner. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Week Day 5

Valentines Week Day 5: 11th Feb: Promise Day. Promise your lover within from your heart. You will be together till end.

Valentines Week Day 4

Valentines Week Day 4: 10th Feb: Teddy Day. Gift your lover a soft teddy with a Heart Shape Soft pillow.