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I will Always remember the day

I will Always remember the day I married you; Without you my Love; My Beauty; I Don’t know what I would Do; your loving and thoughtful just to mention Two; I adore your Sweet Smile it makes Me Want You.

There are many brave people

There are many brave people who always want to fight and be adventurous. Some choose ARMY and others get MARRIED.

Two married women discussing

Two married women discussing: First: Widows are better than us. Second: How? First: At least they know where their Husbands are!

An advice to get married

An advice to a friend is to get Married. If you find a Good Wife you will be Happy; If not you will become a Philosopher.

IIT Maths Question

IIT Maths x married z twice his age; left her and now dates y half his age. How old is x? Students wrote: dont know; but x surely is Saif Ali Khan.

Height of misunderstanding

Height of misunderstanding: A newly married girl passed B.Ed exam with 1st class. Her husband sent a message to her father. your daughter is 1st class in Bed.