When a man is in trouble

When a man is in trouble; Family members and Friends stand by his side. The best proof for this is: The Marriage Album.

We are the great ENGINEERs

We are cheaters but; Dont have cheat manners. We hate study but; Love teachers. We flirt with flirters but; Love Lovers. World cant change us but; We can Change the whole world. We dont have books in hand; But; Have ideas in mind. Meet us; We are the great ENGINEERs!

Joint Drafting Committee members

The five nominee Ministers of the Government of India are: Pranab Mukherjee; P Chidambaram; M Veerappa Moily; Kapil Sibal; and Salman Khursheed. AND The five nominees of Anna Hazare :including himself: are: Anna Hazare; Justice N Santosh Hegde; Shanti Bhushan Senior Advocate; Prashan Bhushan Advocate and Arvind Kejriwal.

Members from Civil society in Jan Lokpal

Jan Lokpal: Shanti Bhushan will co chair the joint committee; Anna Hazare; Justice Hegde; Prashant Bhushan; Arvind Kejriwal will be the members from civil society!

Most colorful Holi.

Auspicious red. Sun kissed gold. Soothing silver. Pretty purple. Blissful blue. Forever green. I wish you and all family members; The most colorful Holi.