My simple MESSAGE by SMS

Simple Bye makes us cry; Simple joke makes us Laugh; Simple care makes us fall in Love; Simple Touch makes us feel better; But I hope my simple MESSAGE by SMS makes you smile!

SANTA loved a girl

SANTA loved a girl but never proposed her. One day he decided to tell her At 1 a.m. he typed. I Love you and clicked send after few seconds he got a message but he decided to see it next day and slept. Next day he read the message. It was written. Your a/c balance is insufficient; message cannot be sent. Hehe

A coin is easy to earn

A coin is easy to earn. But A cute heart is hard to find. I lost a coin for this message. But Gained the affection of a priceless heart!

Message for Life Time

Perfect message for Life Time: What ever relation you build up in this world; the only thing remains at last is the loneliness with lots and lots of memories.

Cute feeling when no SMS

Cute feeling: My hands never pain when typing message for you; But my heart always pain when there is no reply from YOU.

You look sweet sweeter sweetest

You look sweet when you read my message. You look sweeter when you read my message and smile; you look sweetest when you read my message; smile and reply. So; try yo look sweetest always.

My fingers are tired

My fingers are tired searching the BEST message for you yet; nothing satisfies me. it just made me realize that: Words cant express how special friend YOU are to me.