Be with me for ever

You Are Sweet Than Honey. Pure Than Milk. Soft Than Flower. Since I Have You As My Lover, Come To Me Near, I will Kiss Your Lips Without Fear. U will Say, Having You Is Treasure and Be With Me For Ever.

The 1st man who discovered milk

This sentence is sure to make you laugh. Give it a thought. The 1st man who discovered milk; whoever he was; what the hell was he trying to do with the Cow?

Follow this daily tip for health

10 black Dates/Day=No hair fall; 3 Carrots/Day=Increase color; 1 Apple/Day=No Doctor; 1 large Cup Milk/Day=No Bone Problems; 5 Ltrs Water/Day=No Diseases; Hot water+Honey= Reduce weight; 1 Banana/Day=Health fit. Forward to everyone who you care.

You are sweeter than honey

You are sweeter than honey; purer than milk; softer than flower; since I have you as my lover; come to me near; i will kiss your lips without fear. You will say; having you is treasure; be with me forever.

COW killing should be stopped

If you really think that COW killing should be stopped; Start using Cow milk and cow milk products; your demand will bring hope for them. Also cows milk is Good for health.

Cow milk is better than Buffalo

Drinking cow milk is better than Buffalo. Its good to have one glass of cow milk at night one hour after dinner and one hour before sleep.

Celebrate Mahavir Jayanti

Lets offer Milk; Rice; Fruit; Incense; Lamps and Water to the poor people. Today is Mahavir Jayanti. Lets celebrate.