What is the guarnatee 4 this mirror

JACK: What is the guarantee 4 this mirror? Shopkeeper: Throw this mirror down from 100ft height, the mirror will not break till 99ft. JACK: WOW! pack it.

A Lovely Relation

A Lovely Relation Should Have The Determination Like A Mirror which never Loses Its Ability to Reflect Even if it is Broken into Thousand Pieces!


MIRROR IS OUR BEST FRIEND. REASON: When you Laugh; It also laughs. When you cry; It also cries. But when you beat; it will not beat you; But; Breaks.

Trust Yourself

If You are Depressed; Confused or Hurt; do not Worry. Look in the Mirror; You will Find the Best Person to Solve Your Problem. Trust Yourself!

How lazy people LIKE YOU

How lazy people LIKE YOU. Stands in front of mirror; throws water on mirror and says; Ah; God; I took a Bath!

If you Keep Smiling

Never Let Yesterdays Disappointments Overshadow On Tomorrows Dreams. Your Life Is Like A Mirror. If you Keep Smiling; It Smiles Right Back.