When you are SINGLE

When you are SINGLE; all you see are HAPPY couples and when you are committed; all you see are happy singles! Moral: Be neutral; just flirt around!

Mythology and Moral of Sati Savitri

Mythology says sati savitri fought yamraaj and got her husband back. Moral of the story: No one can save You from your wife. Not Even YAMRAAJ

Essay on duck

Essay on duck: I like duck. Duck lives in water. I also drink water. My neighbor uncle drink alcohol. Alcohol is very bad. It was told by Gandhi ji. He was a good person. He had one stick. Stick swim in water. Duck also swim in water. Duck take bath in water. Me too take bath in water. I take bath only 5 min but duck take bath full day. So only duck is so white. I like duck so much. Moral: My messages are free. I have 9523 more free SMS. Coming soon. essay on fish!

Biscuit inka Cake

Biscuit gaali ki pedte soft aipotadi. Cake gaali ki pedte hard aipotadi. MORAL: Hard and soft kaadu point gaaliki tirigitey evaraina panikirakunda potaru. Adi matter.

One Day A girl Askd Her boy Friend

One Day A girl Askd Her boy Friend: Wat Will U Do If I Die? Boy Replied: I will Live Happily; tension free for the rest of my life. The girl Died Next Day and Wrote Letter That For your Happiness I Can Do Anything. Moral: . . . . . . ?


SITUATION OF BOYS: TITANIC: Jack died; Rosy escape. DEVDAS: Shahruk died; Aishwarya escape. TAJMAHAL: Ajay was killed; Pooja Gandhi escape. Last but; not least Nityananda caught by police. Ranjitha escape. MORAL: Girls are always on safer side! Wake up guys. . . wake up. . . .

Keep feeling the need for being first

Keep feeling the need for being first. But I want you to be the first in love. I want you to be the first in moral excellence. I want you to be the first in generosity.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.