I miss you

I miss you. . . I need you. . . More and more. . . each day. . . each second. . . I love you. . . more than words. . . can ever say.

My Valentine I really need you!

If I were a key; I would lock you; If lightning; I would shock you; If pier I would dock you; If I band I would rock you. If spoon; I would feed you; If house; I would deed you; On this Valentines Day; I must plead you; My Valentine; I really need you!

Beauty of belief in GOD

Beauty of belief in GOD. If he does not give me when I ask. Surely he will give me when I need.

Love someone because

Love someone Not because they give you what you need! But Because they give you feelings
you never thought you needed!

Life by Tom and Jerry

Life is like a Race between Tom and Jerry. Jerry mostly wins; Because Tom runs for food and Jerry runs for Life. Remember :Purpose is more important than need:

All of Us might Not be Lucky

All of Us might Not be Lucky Enough to Get the Love We Want. But We can Always make Someone Lucky by Giving the Love and care they Need.