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Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York

Free wifi! What would be the speed of internet? If the speed is so good that we can video call to anybody using skype or any other app then, I am sure I will first unsubscribe my internet and switch to the free wi-fi by google. Well I am sure, google will plug its ads into that also. 😉 Well, lets see how it would be first. Whatever free with quality, I would take it.

Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York 1Google free Wi-Fi to cities 1st in New York 2*fist pumps*

Source: Google wants to bring free Wi-Fi to cities – and it’s starting now with Sidewalk Labs in New York | Metro News

Mind Game Words Puzzle

Mind Game: Solve it if you are smart enough. CORRECT THE SPELLING SIMPLE WORDS with hint. Q1: OKEYRWN;City Q2: KASNLRIA;Country Q3: RUBELPM;Profession Q4: DIKYEN;Body part Q5: PITLLU;Flower Q6: TONPYHE;Animal Q7: NOMETARLLEW;Fruit Q8: NICEPSH;Vegetable Q9: MAVBCE;Invention Q10: DOCLYU;Weather

1 – new york; 2 – sri lanka; 3 – plumber; 4 – kidney; 5 – tulip; 6 – python; 7 – watermelon; 8 – spinach; 9 – Webcam 10 – cloudy.