The relation of Names of Brands

BLUETOOTH: Name of the king of Norway in 10th century. NOKIA: Name of a river in Finland. OFOTO: Old name of Kodak. BIG BLUE: Nick name of IBM. BENQ: Bringing enjoyment and quality. INTEL: Integrated electronics. MITSUBISHI: Synonym is Three diamonds. BPL: British Physical Laboratories. CNN: Cable News Network.

Boys before and after Marriage

Items in Boys Room Before Marriage: Perfumes,; Love Letters; Bike Key; Laptop; N70; Iphone; Lee Jeans and Peter England Shirts. After marriage: Vicks Action 500; Loan Papers; Unpaid Bills; Nokia1100; RTC Bus Tickets; So Enjoy Each Moment of Bachelor Life.

A B C D for future KG classes

A B C D for future KG classes

A: Apple; B: Blue tooth; C: Chat; D: Download; E: Email; F: Facebook; G: Google; H: Hewlett Packard; I: iPhone; J: Java; K: Kingston; L: Laptop; M: Messenger; N: Nokia; O: Orkut; P: Picasa; Q: Quicktime; R: RAM; S: Samsung; T: Twitter; U: USB; V: Vista; W: Wifi; X: XP; Y: Youtube; Z: Zorpia.

Nokia is xpected 2 launch NOKIA R-1

Nokia is expected to launch NOKIA R-1 RAJNIKANT series in this year; its features are 10Sims at a time; 500TB memory; 320Gega pixel camera; TV; Fridge and AC