Dear Tom Cruise

Dear Tom Cruise; A Camel in the middle of the city in Dubai; We said fine; it can be. Climbing up the Burj Khalifa. We said; can be normal. Running in the middle of a sand storm and coming out in Deira. We said; its ok. Half an hour jumping and rolling over cars and only breaking ur little toe. Fineeeeee. But driving that fast in India without an accident; Now thats Mission Impossible.

One who wins and fails

One who wins in first effort; wins the life. One who fails in first effort; can win the world! Wounded mind is more powerful than normal mind.

Drink at least 5 liters of Water

Drink at least 5 liters of Water in a day in equal intervals during summer. As much of it is absorbed due to Heat of sun. It helps in digesting the food and maintaining the body normal.

Take cold water bath twice daily

Take cold water bath twice daily. Morning and evening. Cold refers to room temperature or tap water during normal days. Luke warm water in cold days and cold water in summer.